Sunday, 1 September 2013

Toxic Epic Couple

This is a post dedicated to ToxicBish Mode and Zolacka Nubalo!
I am a lucky dork to make part of them family as grandchild not only because they are amazing designers, but because they are amazing persons!!!!! I thank all my fooking life the day i met them!!!
So here it goes, for boys and girls, them last creations!
Enjoy it!! :D

Your Taxi: LETS SHOP

ToxicBish Mode:
<Toxic Bish> Dramatic Eyes Tattoo
<Toxic Bish> Fishnet Top With Tango Applier Black
<Toxic Bish> Hurricane Mesh Pants Orange
<Toxic Bish> Leopard Lipsticks  Fruit
<Toxic Bish> Leash HandCuff GOLD Version

Zolacka Nubalo:
Toxic Bish Hooligans Prod 0.7 Shoes with resizer
Toxic Bish Hooligans Macho sunglasses (Comming Soon)
Toxic Bish Hooligans Cargo Capris With Tank
Toxic Bish Hooligans  Rolled Sleeves Shirt
<Toxic Bish> Leash HandCuff GOLD Version

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